What is the salary of a cast friend member? And who are you the richest now?

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Oh my friend! For over a decade we have all seen the adventures of Monica, Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey. It was an easy time. The time before the DVR and the smartphone. And the six girls in their twenties are our friends. He is our very lucky and wealthy friend.

The NBC sitcom premiered on September 22, 1994. Do you remember that episode? The group is hanging out in Central Park as Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel puts her fiancĂ© Barry on the altar, wears a wedding dress and walks crazy into a cafe. She and Monica were high school friends and moved to Monica’s apartment. The rest is history.

But how much exactly did the Friends cast make in the iconic series? How much did the actors make from the first season to the finale, and even today?

Before becoming friends In 1994, Courteney Cox played stage girl Bruce Springsteen in the video “Dancing in the Dark” and was best known as Alex P. Keaton’s girlfriend for family ties. Jennifer Aniston quickly rose to fame for her haircuts, but it wasn’t until 1994 that she became famous for the 1993 horror film Leprechaun.

Lisa Kudrow is the most successful of the six young actors in Friends. Mad About You silly waitress Ursula Buffy is a recurring character. Kudlow’s friend character, Phoebe, is written as Ursula’s twin brothers. Matt LeBlanc is best known as a man in two videos, Bon Jovi and Married….

Matthew Perry has lived and played in Los Angeles since he was a teenager and has repeated many positions and roles. David Schwimmer has received numerous guest appearances in movies and television shows. This includes a recurring role in NYPD Blue before being cast as Friends’ Ross Geller.

The first contract In the first season, each cast earned $ 22,500 per episode. He reached $ 540,000 in the first season of the set. It’s about $ 900,000 today. During the second season, each artist received up to $ 40,000 per episode. It will be $ 960,000 in the second season.

Ahead of the third season, the cast, whose initial contracts were about to expire, were regrouped and negotiated with the group. This is the first time the casting has used negotiation tactics. They signed a contract paying $75,000 for each season 3 episode ($1.875 billion for season), $85,000 for each season 4 episode ($0.4 million), and $100,000 for each season 4 episode. Season 5 ($2.5 million) for $1 million) Season 6 episode at $125,000 ($3,125 million) 1 million dollars per episode Before filming for season 7 began, the cast negotiated a significant raise. They made $750,000 each in seasons 7 and 8.

That’s $18 million each season. In seasons 9 and 10, each cast earned $ 1 million per episode. That number is $ 24 million in Season 9 and $ 18 million in Season 10. Gross profit and ongoing royalties Overall, each member of Friends earned about $ 90 million on base salary alone before receiving secondary bonuses and ongoing royalties.

As part of the 2000 contract negotiations, cast members will be able to claim points associated with the show, which will allow them to sell the show and earn royalties. The Friends continues to generate over $ 1 billion annually in distribution royalties and streaming contracts.

Every time a show is sold to a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu, the cast creates a bank. To date, each cast is expected to receive $ 10-20 million in royalties throughout the show.

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