The members of “ Friends ” still make an amazingly large fortune on the show every year.

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Everyone knows that appearing in a blockbuster comedy is an easy ticket to life, but many have reached a rare level of popularity and revenue, where this series is now exclusive to friends. You may not understand how much money you have to make. Revenues from merchandising and DVDs may decrease slightly, but there is at least one area where your friends can regularly earn significant sums or more.

This is the distribution (also known as a “rerun” of a TV show). Who currently exists). My friends continue to broadcast on cable channels like TBS with almost the same standards. In other words, money continues to flow on the same basis. Most of that went to Warner Brothers, but an unusually large amount of filtering went to the actors. He said he was initially responsible for making the show so popular.

Friends are known to negotiate all contracts as a single unit rather than an individual, and their contracts (especially towards the end of the show) demonstrate the power of collective bargaining. In the two previous seasons of the show, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer (also known as The Friends) earned $1 million per episode. Makes the actress the highest-grossing actress in television history. But that’s not even the best part of the Friends cast deal. In 2000, the six-member group accounted for 2% of total revenue, which was surprisingly profitable.

These deals would go on forever, and historically, only cast members of sitcoms with a creative interest in the show behind the camera have been recognized (eg, in addition to starring in David Shaw, Jerry Seinfeld, who made Larry and Feld) The casting of more friends is attracting a lot of attention.

Of course, the percentage of the show’s syndicated revenue that nobody sees isn’t worth it (you can ask Bill Cosby if you’re rooming with Bill Cosby). But not friends. Friends were still generating about $1 billion in distribution revenue a year in 2015, 11 years after the series’ final episode aired on NBC. That’s $20 million annually for each of the six members of Friends Ensemble. Not bad they did this show in 2004. Leblanc, don’t cry for Joey Tribbiani. He has been raising money at the Seinfeld level next door for over 10 years.

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