Jeff Bezos’ net worth increased by $10B in 2020, which would be the 14th largest gain in wealth in the modern world.

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2020 was a crazy and intense year, I believe we can all agree. This was also for billionaires, just a whole different way. This year, the richest people on earth became even wealthier, and Jeff Bezos stepped down from Amazon as its CEO.

The net worth increase Jeff achieved in 2020 would have made him the 14th-richest person in the world today if his increase stood alone. Ambani and Ortega comprise the top 3 richest people in the world.

According to recent trading charts for Amazon, Bezos’ equity linked to the stock’s value is currently trading at $ 3, 53. This is more than double the price per share announced by Amazon at the end of 2019.

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According to Jeff Bezos’ financial statements for 2020, his net worth increased by…

$75 billion

An increase of that magnitude in one year is truly remarkable.

A few years ago, if that money had been poured into his fortune, he would have been the richest man in the world.

The price of Amazon has increased to $3,453 as of the date of this writing, which means that Jeff’s net worth as of…

$201 billion

Bernard Arnault is the second richest person in the world, but he is richer by 25 billion dollars.

As a businessman, Bezos owns the Washington Post and Whole Foods as well as the Bezos Earth Fund, which he also committed $10 billion of his own money toward.

Bezos is also a billionaire who owns companies engaged in space exploration. The money to finance Blue Origin is raised by selling off Amazon stock at a rate of $1 billion annually. A handful of lucky passengers (including Jeff and his brother) will soon travel into space aboard Blue Origin’s inaugural flight.

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