How to get a magic mushroom that brings billions of dollars in luck

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There is one thing I was taught by writing an article about Hihopza. There are countless ways to make a billion dollars. You can become a millionaire in more traditional ways such as finance, tech startups, real estate and more. You can make billions of dollars as a circus clown. You can earn billions of dollars from cryptocurrencies. Perhaps more than one person in the world has made $ 1 billion in Dogecoin.

Direr, but thanks to a fateful psychedelic journey with magical mushrooms, you can gain the status of a millionaire.

Future Qualities of a Millionaire Christian Angermayer has no name on Wall Street. He is a 42-year-old German investor who has completely abstained from all drugs and alcohol throughout his life. Her life-long abstinence walk ended in 2015 after a very fateful evening.

In 2015, Christians attended a dinner sitting next to a neuroscientist as a guest. The two had a conversation about the relative harms and benefits of different drugs. Neuroscientists have published a research treatise that ranks 20 drugs in order of harm to users. By the way, wine is number one. Alcohol is the most harmful to individuals and society as a whole. Untermeyer was surprised to see psilocybin (also known as magic mushrooms) at the bottom of the list. Magic mushrooms are reportedly a very effective treatment for major depression.

The report broke lifelong abstinence by encouraging Christians to experiment with mushrooms while on vacation in the Caribbean, where the drug is legal. Life-changing moments Christian describes his first experience with magic mushrooms as “life-changing.” In fact, he says it’s the most meaningful thing he’s ever done in his life. The trip gained insight. When he emerged from the fog, he claimed to have finally understood Bitcoin. Experience and knowledge have led him to completely rebuild his portfolio.

He quickly made significant investments in the psychedelic, weeds, space travel, cryptocurrency, longevity, and film industries. It’s an existing portfolio for the strange times we live in. Rich beats In 2016, Angers Mayer again tried mushrooms and had a deeply life-changing experience.

He had the idea of ​​marketing hallucinations. To find a company, he called Mike Novo Gratz, a former Goldman Sachs executive as a billionaire. Novogratz told him that he knew the couple, GeorgeGoldsmith and EkaterinaMalievskaia, who was trying to start a mushroom business and were in need of help. His startup is Compass Pathways Plc, a pharmaceutical company that develops treatments for depression. is.

Both Angermeyer and Novogratz are investing angel investors in Compass. Today, Anger Meyer’s investment in Compass Pathways is $ 2 billion. Angelmeier’s strategy is simple. He invests in what excites him. To date, he has invested in AbCelleraBiologics, which has been supporting the development of Covid-19 antibody drugs.

He founded AtaiLifeSciences, which is the beginning of biotechnology and hallucinations supported by PeterThiel. Anger Meyer has been making a lot of money on his investments over the past 14 months. The Apeiron Investment Group was the top seven investors disclosed last year. These IPOs have raised over $1 billion. Another 10 companies he has invested in are expected to go public in 2021.

As of this writing, ChristianApeiron’s investment fund is managing over $2.5 billion in assets. About 50% of the fund’s assets are private Angermayer funds. That is, the net worth of a Christian is about $12.5 billion. Billions of dollars in fortune triggered by the illusion of magic mushrooms. How to travel!

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